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When I first started using slings, I heard a lot about a buckled carrier called the Connecta. At the time, I got most of my sling-related information online, and people on Facebook and Natural Mamas raved about Connectas! I can’t remember when I first tried one, but I do remember the frustration I felt when I just couldn’t get a comfy fit. Despite my disappointment, I kept trying different sizes and types, but eventually wrote them off as just not for me.

When I had my twins, I met a couple at our sling meet with a ‘Mischief Matters’ Connecta. As a Harry Potter fan, I absolutely had to have one! My husband thought I was mad – after all, neither of us found Connectas comfy – but I was determined that I could make it work. Lo and behold, using the knowledge I’d picked up through training, sling meets, consults and chatting to colleagues, I had the confidence to make a some simple tweaks to improve the fit.

I am now a total Connecta convert and finally get why they are so popular. I’ve successfully fitted them for many clients, and am often asked to troubleshoot. In this post I will share tips to overcome some of the most common issues I am asked about. These tips are not intended to be a substitute for in-person support, but may help to achieve a comfier fit so that you can find the Connecta love, too!

Problem: the top seems too loose. My baby is leaning back.

Solution: Remove the slack from the top of the panel

How? One strap at a time, grasp the strap where it meets the panel and pull up to remove the slack. Follow the slack up and over your shoulder, and across your back to the buckle, then tighten through the buckle.

Problem: the shoulder straps are cutting into my neck when front-carrying.

Solution: move the straps onto the flattest part of your shoulder.

How? Loosen the shoulder straps. Reaching behind you, pull the cross of the straps down to the middle of your back. Pull each strap down and away from neck, following it around to your side so that the webbing is under your rib. Re-tighten the straps from the top of panel as above.

Problem: my baby is in a ‘splat’ position with spine curved inwards.

Solution: tilt the baby’s pelvis and ensure adequate support across back.

How? Loosen the shoulder straps. Placing your hands inside the carrier under your baby’s bum, gently tilt his pelvis towards you so that his weight is on his bum. Re-tighten the straps from the top of the panel as above, ensuring that his spine is well-supported.

This video from Rosie at the Sheffield Sling Surgery is a great tutorial.

Problem: in a back carry, the shoulder straps are not tightening enough. My baby doesn’t feel secure.

Solution: adjust baby’s position. NB some people may find petite length straps more comfortable when back-carrying.

How? Loosen the waistband slightly. Holding your baby under his bum,  gently lift him higher on your back. Holding his position with one hand, move the waistband up under your ribs and tighten. Re-tighten the shoulder straps.

Check out this video, also from Rosie at the Sheffield Sling Surgery, for more tips on back-carrying with a Connecta.

Problem: the hood gets in the way when I’m not using it.

Solution: tuck it into the carrier.

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