We at Peekaboo Slings aim to help parents and carers to carry their children in a safe and happy way, without prejudice or judgement. We offer three main types of support: consults, meets, and workshops.

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Peekaboo Slings - Services - Sling Meet

We run about six sling meets a month across Stockport and East Cheshire. These sessions are run by volunteers, and visitors can access a short advice slot. 

Some of our meets are free-of-charge and others carry a small charge (up to £2 per person). 

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During a consult, you will have one-to-one focus and we will cover any questions you have in the time. You will receive comprehensive follow-up resources and will have access to unlimited virtual support from your carrying consultant. 

We offer individual consults (up to 90 minutes), couples sessions (up to 2 hours), and joint consults if you and a friend have similar carrying needs.

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We run regular workshops on set topics, for example back-carrying. Workshops are group learning sessions, and you will have the opportunity to practise and ask questions. You will receive follow-up resources and will have access to unlimited virtual support from your carrying consultant. 

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15822690_1518475078180958_7378238761100226603_n If you can’t make it to a sling meet but know what you’d like to hire, you can arrange a doorstep hire.  

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