You may have gathered that I am a big supporter of Firespiral Slings. The women behind the brand are dear to me, and they produce wonderful products. They have also created a lovely community around Firespiral wraps and remain down-to-earth, helpful, and kind in their endeavours. The latest wrap they have sent me to play with is Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees, a beautiful brown-grey-green cotton wrap that I cannot get enough of.


The basics

  • 100% combed cotton
  • 275gsm
  • Size 6

First impressions

That GREEN! Absolutely stunning and against the grey-brown, it really stands out. I have always liked the birch trees pattern and it works really well in these colours.


Upon closer inspection, I am fascinated with the three strands that make up the Woodsprite green – there is an ecru, a pale green, and a dark green. The Burnish side has a fluffy ‘halo’ that I associate with merino, but I later find out it is 100% cotton. It must be combed cotton because the long strands of the weave have a definite fuzz to them.

It feels light and floppy in hand, and very soft. It has the feeling of soft, loose ‘right’ side and dense ‘wrong’ side to it that I have associated with Firespiral since the very start of their journey. I look forward to wrapping with it.


How it wraps

I convince one of my 2.5 year old twins to go up (no mean feat these days!) with the promise of going to the park. I try a double hammock first, my go-to carry. As I suspected, the fabric wraps perfectly – the long passes gliding easily and then lightly gripping while I tighten. I tie off with my wriggly son and realise I have a fair bit of slack left, but the wrap sticks. It’s easy to re-tighten (although my son continues to wriggle) and is supple under my hands.


I walk to the park, pondering a blog post about all-cotton wraps and toddlers. I am using a multi-pass carry, carrying an 11kg toddler, pushing a buggy and holding my eldest’s hand. This cotton wrap is the most supportive carrier I have tried recently, including the Beco Toddler that makes my twins feel weightless.

At the park, my daughter gets upset and wants to go on my back to ground herself. I try an Ellevil Jordan’s back carry, which is a comfy carry for us both as she has tight hip joints. Once again, the wrap is easy to work with, even with such a lot of movement as this carry requires! No photo for this one, as no sooner had I tied off than she declared “I feel better now!” and asked to get down. Eventually we wander home, this time with my daughter in a double hammock, and my eldest son snaps a few shots.


Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees is just a wonderful wrap to work with – I cannot enthuse about it enough. I have tried many, many wraps (and you can browse reviews from the past few years on this blog) and rarely have such an immediate attachment. This one is different – I am not sure whether it is the history I have with this brand, the beautiful fibres, nearing the end of our wrapping days, or the birch trees design which I first tried over 3 years ago, but something about it has completely hooked me, and I will be sad when it comes time to pass this one on.

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Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees review
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One thought on “Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees review

  • May 9, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    This review is perfect for this wrap! It is a special wrap indeed and the first one in a long time to tempt me to spend despite a toddler who rarely lets me wrap her anymore. I love it.


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