SUPU Woven Wraps is based in the UK’s North West and is run by New Zealander Jess Anderson and her English partner. Read more about Jess and SUPU Woven Wraps in our Ones to Watch series here. Jess lent one of her new woven wraps, Flight Blaze, to our group to try out over the festive period.

Peekaboo Slings / SUPU Woven Wraps Flight Blaze review

The basics

  • 100% cotton
  • 290gsm
  • 70cm wide

First impressions

Wow – the photos of this wrap I have seen online really do not do it justice. The two colours are incredibly vibrant and each make the other stand out. The texture is very interesting and quite unusual in my experience of woven wraps. The ‘lines’ of the pattern create quite deep grooves, and the weave has subtle diagonal lines also, so it is a heavily textured wrap. This means it feels quite dense and weighty in hand, which I would expect at 290gsm (this is quite a heavyweight wrap).

Peekaboo Slings / SUPU Woven Wraps Flight Blaze review

I received the wrap in loom state (this means that the fabric has been cut and hemmed since being woven, but not ‘finished’ by washing and drying) as Jess kindly wanted me to have “the full experience” (or did she just not want yet another wrap to wash…!). I gave it a feel and took a pic then popped it in the washing machine and then the dryer, so I could get to work wrapping with it.

How it wraps

In a word: grippy! It is not immediately easy to wrap with, but the hard work pays off as it is so supportive and comfortable. With the texture of the fabric comes lots of grip – this means lots of friction while wrapping, but the flipside means it is rock solid when tightened. There is little chance of any passes loosening up if you’ve tightened adequately, as those little grooves hold fast!

Peekaboo Slings / SUPU Woven Wraps Flight Blaze review

I tried a double hammock back carry, which held up extremely well during our 20-minute school run. The fabric’s weight kept my daughter and I lovely and warm, and the thickness of the wrap was extremely comfy with no diggy patches. 

Flight Blaze is another example of an all-cotton wrap that is great for toddlers and older children. I look forward to seeing more from SUPU Woven Wraps in the near future.

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Review: SUPU Woven Wraps Flight Blaze
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