I am catching up with a few wrap reviews at the minute – I always have the best intentions for quick review posts but life often gets in the way!

In January, Jo-anne at Ruck n Roll Handwovens kindly sent us one of her beautiful tester wraps in time for our Wrap Chat social meet. Handwoven wraps are truly works of art, as well as functioning tools. The skill and time it takes to produce such a piece of fabric is incredibly impressive and I am thrilled that weaving is becoming more popular in the UK. 


The basics

  • Tencel, merino, silk, sparkle
  • Handwoven

First impressions

Soft, sparkly, beautiful. This fabric is unbelievably soft; I am struggling to find an analogy! It is the kind of fabric the word ‘smooshy’ was invented for. I immediately wanted to wrap it around myself or snuggle into it. 

In addition to the softness (did I mention how soft it is?), it is absolutely beautiful. The combination of colours used is perfect – Jo-anne clearly has an excellent eye for aesthetics. The blues and natural tones are very elegant, and the sparkle adds a lovely touch. 

My children loved it as well, and wanted to use it as a blanket! You will be glad to know that I wouldn’t let them.


How it wraps

I admit, I was dubious about the wrapping qualities. How could something so soft also be supportive and strong enough to carry a baby/child? Well, was I wrong or what?

The softness feels absolutely wonderful while wrapping, and the fabric is certainly strong enough to carry babies and older children (I gave it a quick try with my 4 year old). Tencel is one of my favourite fibres to knit with – it’s a shiny but super-strong, and it originates from a plant. I think the strength of this fabric comes from the mix of tencel and silk, with the softness coming from the merino. 

The wrap slid easily in multi-layer carries and was grippy enough to stick once tightened. Thanks to that smooshiness (is that a word?!), it is a fairly thick wrap, and more suited to cold weather than warmer climes (lucky we live in the UK…). Wrapping with this felt like being cuddled in a blanket! My children really enjoyed it as well, and snuggled down into me and into the fabric. 


If you have the opportunity to try one of Jo-anne’s wraps, I would highly recommend seizing it. She has some amazing colour and fibre combinations coming up – keep an eye on her Facebook Page for photos. 

Find out more

Ruck n Roll Handwovens on Facebook

(Photos courtesy of Jo-anne)

Review: Sparkly Artemis by Ruck n Roll Handwovens
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