Liora Rae Wovens is based in the UK and run by Natasha Stoller. Aida is an all-cotton woven wrap with a geometric pattern.


The basics

  • 100% cotton
  • 250gsm
  • 67cm wide

First impressions

From seeing photos of the geometric pattern, I expected it to have quite a lot of diagonal stretch. When it arrived, it felt denser and sturdier than I had expected, without feeling thick. The pattern is very interesting as it contains a number of colours from the weave, which make it look almost three-dimensional. It has an Escher-like quality to the design. The fabric felt like it would be supportive and did not have much diagonal stretch. It felt quite new and I think it has the potential to soften up a lot more.

Peekaboo Slings - Liora Rae Aida review

How it wraps

As usual, I wrapped with a double hammock first. I really should branch out with my wrap carries! I wrapped my daughter, who is two years old, and walked for about 20 minutes while pushing my son in our buggy. The density of the wrap was clear while wrapping. I like dense wraps, as they can be supportive even when sloppily wrapped, but sometimes new wrappers find them difficult to tighten and discouraging. It will be interesting to see how it behaves once broken in (this means when the threads have softened up from wear, as I think it will mould much more easily, making it both supple and strong.

The wrap was extremely comfortable and supportive. I don’t think it budged during the whole walk, which is fantastic for carrying heavier children and toddlers! It felt very comfortable and not diggy at all during the walk.

Aida is a great example of an all-cotton wrap that is supportive enough to carry toddlers and older children. Often I see people online saying that once you have a toddler, you must go for a linen or hemp blend but this simply isn’t true, as this wrap proves. I think this fabric would make a great short wrap, as it is supportive and comfortable enough to easily carry toddlers in single-layer carries.

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Review: Liora Rae Wovens Aida
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