The Honeycomb Loom is a joint venture between UK woven wrap brands Firespiral Slings and Baie Slings. Their aim is to provide affordable woven wrap cloth, available to purchase by the metre. At around £12 per metre, the fabric can be professionally hemmed or converted into a ring sling or tie-on carrier. Juliette Hale from The Honeycomb Loom kindly lent our group a hemmed wrap made from the fabric in ‘Coal’ so we could try it out. 

Peekaboo Slings - Honeycomb Loom review

The basics

  • 100% combed cotton
  • 267gsm
  • 71cm wide

First impressions

I was expecting it to be quite thin, like other wrap fabric made for conversions I’ve seen. The weave was textured and gives the wrap a quiet, understated look. It felt thin-ish but has a decent weight to it. I wondered how supportive it would feel carrying my 2-year-olds.

It’s not soft or particularly floppy (yet), but was very easy to wrap with. It felt fluid in my hands and moved over itself easily, despite the small repeating texture of the weave. Once on, it looked stylish and blended nicely with our clothes – we don’t like drawing even more attention, so this was a plus!

Peekaboo Slings - Honeycomb Loom review

How it wraps

I tried a double hammock, which felt surprisingly solid and easy to tighten (one of the advantages of using a thin-ish wrap). I say ‘surprisingly’ because in-hand, it seemed quite light. I think the weave is deceiving – its little bumps add weight and prevent the fabric from stretching much, thereby providing a supportive carry. With a sloppier wrap job I think it could have felt diggy and less comfortable, but it is easy to tighten the fabric once tied due to its thinness.

I carried my daughter on the school run and back, around 45 minutes total, and the fabric didn’t slip or loosen. The carry remained tight and comfortable the whole time.

I imagine the fabric will be very soft and supple once used a few times, and I think this will make it excellent for conversions into slightly more structured carriers. I’d love to try a conversion if I get the chance, to see the difference in fabric qualities.


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Review: The Honeycomb Loom woven wrap fabric
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