Dunlop Gary Clark Jr. Cry Baby Wah JD-EFX-GCJ95


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Deep blues-driven wah. The Dunlop Gary Clark Jr. Cry Baby Wah is infused with the distinctive varied sound that Gary Clark Jr. is famous for. His unique mix of blues funk and rock n roll would be nothing without his unmistakable wah sound. Equipped with a lower frequency range the Gary Clark Jr. Cry Baby is perfectly tuned to complement the sound of these genres.Theres a brilliantly percussive sound to this pedal too. A tight sweep range is ideal for drum-like syncopation – excellent for funk styles. Its straightforward and easy to use meaning you can quickly apply your desired wah sound on-stage. And an ornate brushed copper design will look regal on your pedalboard. A wah pedal that really is individual.