Back carrying to lean or not to lean?

Attendees of my Beginner’s Back Wrapping workshop will know how often I remind them to “stand up straight!” But why is this?

You can see in the first photo that when I lean forward with my daughter on my back, her legs drop to the sides and she sits up straight (often shouting “horsey!”). In this exaggerated example, it would be really difficult to wrap her or get a carrier panel up over her back. If I did manage it, there would be a lot of tightening to do once I stood up.

In the second photo, I am stood up straight with a slightly curved lower back to create a ‘shelf’. My daughter’s legs curl around my waist and her torso leans in to me – she is showing the clinging instinct that many young mammals exhibit in the wild. In this example I could wrap her tightly, or bring a carrier panel up over her back quite easily while supporting her with my forearm.

You can read more about this topic in this great article by Lorette from Slingababy:

*photos are to show examples of positioning, please do not follow them at home. I am confident in my daughter’s behaviour and my ability to react quickly if she moved and my husband was right next to us.

Back-carrying – to lean or not to lean?
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