Guy and Isara

Which sling did you borrow?
Isara buckled carrier. Baby/toddler size.

What did you know about this sling before you borrowed it?
I knew it was a new one that Ellie had in the library, and that it had foxes on it.

What made you choose it?
It was there (we were on holiday). I liked the colour and foxes design. It has a wide waistband and I find that if I’m carrying on my back, slings with a wide waistband help me get the child up high on my back.

What were your first impressions?
It was comfortable around the waist, I think because it’s quite padded. It was supportive around the waist and wasn’t pulling around my arms and shoulders. It also helped to get the child into a good position on my back.

What did you use it for? (Eg holidays, walks, around the house)
Holiday in France, Germany and Switzerland. It stood up well to the heat, although I thought it would be hot to wear. We kept cool, which surprised me as it’s not specifically designed for use in hot weather.

I used on my front during a long-ish walk one day and I had my backpack on my back. It was really comfy the whole time.

What did you like about it?
I liked the amount of padding in the waist, and how easy it is to get the child in a good position. The shoulder straps are nicely padded, and even when I had my backpack straps on my shoulders as well, they weren’t digging in.

I liked the pattern of the carrier as well.

What didn’t you like about it?
Was this the one that had the two thingies to adjust the straps? [yes, the dual-adjust straps]. I think every time I put it on, I needed help to tighten them because it was awkward to reach around for the webbing.

With everything loosened, it was easy enough to clip the buckles in for a front carry, but tightening was fiddly. If I hadn’t loosened the straps, I then couldn’t reach the buckle adjuster once fastened. I prefer using single-adjust straps.

Would you recommend it to a friend?
Yes, because of the fit and it being comfortable. The price is really good for what it is as well.


User review: Isara buckled carrier
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