Sarah Jane from Wrapahula sent a new design along to our Wrap Chat social last week. I hadn’t tried a Wrapahula woven before, but I have heard a lot of positive things about them from local parents. I was intrigued to play with one myself.

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The basics

  • 75% egyptian cotton
  • 25% linen
  • 270gsm


First impressions

This is a really striking wrap, with blue/teal accents on a black background. It is linen but extremely soft! When I first took it out of the bag, I thought it felt like a very soft blanket. It is not a super heavyweight wrap, but it does feel dense in hand – I imagine due to the of linen. It is also quite airy though, which means it doesn’t feel too heavy. It’s absolutely the softest linen wrap I’ve felt, and I was really surprised when Sarah Jane told me that it had only been washed, never used.

How it wraps

The wrap is a size 7, and I decided to try a back carry with a fancy finish (currently called eyelet). I am an experienced wrapper and found the fabric quite easy to wrap with, although the long length and density felt quite a lot as I was working. The carry I did was double-layered, and once I’d finished and tightened, it felt very solid and secure. When wrapping, the texture was a bit grippy, which makes for a supportive carry – and a good workout! In my experience, wrappers who are beginning to learn often prefer thin wraps that glide easily so it isn’t too difficult to tighten.

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I also tried a Robin’s hip carry variation with a demo doll. The fabric moved fairly easily through the cross, with a little bit of grip. The carry felt comfortable and secure, and not too warm. I imagine that this wrap will soften even more with use, and feel quite light and supple.

photo (3)

I wondered whether it would feel too warm for the summer, as some thick cotton wraps do – but it actually felt quite breathable and not overwhelmingly long. I think the colours will look absolutely stunning in winter, however, and keep picturing it against a snowy backdrop. Linen is often heralded as a summer fibre, but in my opinion this wrap would be great year-round. It would keep wearers cool in the summer, but the blankety softness would be lovely in colder seasons.

If I was buying for myself, I’d definitely go for a short wrap for my up/down toddlers. I think it would be very supportive but easy to wrap with straight from the bag, unlike some denser linen wraps I have tried. This was a wonderful introduction to the Wrapahula brand, and I am excited to try more of the wraps in future.

Review: Wrapahula Midnight Veronicas
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