Fay at Opitai Wovens is really too kind – she has sent wovens and slings for two of our Wrap Chat socials now, as well as donating a size 6 Clifden wrap to the Peekaboo Slings library. The most recent sling Fay sent on holiday here was a beautiful Palatinate Ferns ring sling.

The basics

  • 100% cotton
  • Botanical weave
  • 260gsm approx

First impressions

When I took the ring sling out of the package, I couldn’t believe how soft and floppy it felt. The ferns design is delicate, complemented by the muted colours. It has a nice texture to it from the repeating pattern, which is especially nice in a ring sling as it feels solid and supportive. My daughter especially liked it and declared it “nice sleeng” as well as “mine”, which was unfortunately not accurate!

How it feels

Palatinate Ferns is incredibly easy to use in ring sling form, and I think it would be a delight as a wrap as well. It is pliable and supple, so it moulds around the child without much effort at all on the wearer’s part. It is soft, so it glides easily through the rings to tighten, but the texture means it stays put.

The fabric has a surprising amount of diagonal stretch to it, which combined with the density makes it feel extremely supple yet supportive. It feels relatively thin in-hand, yet fluffy and so soft (did I mention it’s reeeeeally soft?!).

It was very supportive with my daughter (21 months) and we loved using it during the time it was here. It is clear that Fay has put a lot of thought into the weave, design, and fibres used: it’s dense enough to be extremely solid but it feels blankety and snuggly, making it equally as suitable for newborns as for older babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. This is a really useful quality in a ring sling, as it provides longevity, which many parents and carers look for when choosing a sling.

Find out more

Where can I buy an Opitai woven wrap or ring sling? Here.

Where can I chat about Opitai woven wraps? Here.

Review: Opitai Wovens Palatinate Ferns ring sling
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