I was recently given the opportunity to review Voronoi May from the London Sling Company. This wrap feels like pure luxury, but it also functions incredibly well.


The basics

  • 80% organic Egyptian cotton / 20% ethically-sourced cashmere
  • 305gsm

First impressions

I am a sucker for nice packaging. Putting thought into packaging helps to create a positive first impression of a product or brand. Voronoi May arrived in a thick tote bag with the London Sling Company’s logo on the front and I felt a thrill of excitement as I unwrapped the contents.

I spent quite a lot of time running my fingers over the wrap, as it felt very different to anything else I have tried recently. It had a lovely weight to it, which felt solid but slightly intimidating – would it be difficult to wrap with? The cashmere lends a lovely softness to the fabric and a very slight fuzzy halo that comes with animal fibre.

How it wraps

I was a little nervous to wrap with this one. I knew it was worth quite a lot and I was concerned about my mucky children messing it up. I chose it for walking my eldest to his first day of school – it was a momentous occasion and deserved a special wrap! I tried double hammock, my favourite carry for walking, and wrapped my 21-month-old daughter.

Voronoi was very easy to wrap with and the large-scale design made the passes glide rather easily. Its density makes it feel solid and very supportive with my toddler. I’m not sure how easy a new wrapper would find it to use, but I really like sturdy wraps so it wouldn’t put me off.

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Review: London Sling Company Voronoi May
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