Last week, we got to try this gorgeous hand-dyed woven wrap from All the Small Things. It’s so unique and attracted lots of attention while we hosted it.

The basics

  • Size 6 woven wrap
  • Custom-woven by Firespiral Slings for All the Small Things
  • Loose cross-twill weave
  • Hand-dyed by All the Small Things, using tie dye and ice dye techniques

The detail

I was very excited about trying this wrap, as I have been helping Lindsay at All the Small Things to coordinate the travelling version, and seeing lots of lovely photos and reviews of it! It finally reached me on a day we were travelling to Eureka! and I couldn’t wait to use it, ripping open the packaging as soon as I collected it from the sorting office.

The colours of the wrap struck me straight away. The mix of green, blue and purple is vibrant without being jarring. The wrap has a very unique look, as it it both ice-dyed and tie-dyed. The original fabric is plain with no inlaid pattern or texture and the wrap has taken the dye very well. The wrap was very soft and floppy right out of the bag – there are advantages to not being one of the first to test!


Once we arrived at Eureka!, I wrapped my daughter (17 months) in a double hammock with a candy cane chest belt. Although I usually go for wraps with a textured feel, this was easy to wrap with and very comfortable once she was up. It felt soft, floppy, and comforting; a bit like wrapping with a favourite blanket.

The passes slid nicely, which makes it good for beginners, and it felt supportive in this carry. I also tried a quick ruck tied Tibetan, which was not very comfortable but that was due to my wriggly son, rather than the wrap!


Over my week hosting the wrap, I tried a couple of other double hammock variations (it’s my favourite carry at the minute!). I also took it to a wrap geekery meet hosted by Bolton & Bury Sling Library. It received a lot of attention and compliments there! One attendee remarked that once wrapped, it has the look of a stretchy wrap as it moulds to the child’s shape very well, and is not woven with a pattern. I’ve been thinking about this and agree; I think it would be great for those wanting to move on from a stretchy wrap. Another wrapper commented that different-coloured rails would be very useful! There was lots of interest in the way it’s been dyed, and how to order one (contact All the Small Things for information).

We’ve had a lot of fun testing this wrap, and we will be sad to see it go! Thank you, Lindsay, for giving us the opportunity to play with it!

Review: Firespiral/All the Small Things Cirrus ‘Pops’
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