It is always a pleasure working with local woven wrap brand, Firespiral Slings. I really like their designs, ethics, and approach. When Kate asked if I would like to preview an upcoming design, I didn’t need any persuading!

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The basics

  • 100% cotton
  • Alchemy weave
  • 245gsm
  • size 6

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First impressions

My husband said, “Oh, Kate dropped a sling off for you earlier. It’s in a bag on the stairs.” It was an inauspicious introduction for this beautiful fabric. The lighter colour seems to shimmer, and is perfectly complemented by the darker blue. The design is quite busy, with runes along the top and bottom rails, but the large pattern repeat in the centre keeps it from looking overwhelming.

I spent a while running the fabric through my fingers. I was intrigued, as it was the thinnest Firespiral I think I’ve tried straight from the bag. It did not have the blanket-like feel I have come to associate with the brand. I was interested to see how this departure would affect its wrapping qualities.

How it wraps

As it happened, both of my twins were feeling out-of-sorts on the day the wrap arrived. I decided to try a tandem carry, which I don’t do often. I started with a ruck tied at my shoulder, and did a kangaroo variation in front. The wrap felt just a little bit stiff, but with the promise of becoming more pliable. It was still easy to wrap with and not super-grippy. It also had the trademark supportive quality, which I have put down to a looser weave on the right side and a denser weave on the wrong side.

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The wrap was extremely popular at Wrap Chat as we have a lot of Firespiral fans round here. Everyone raved over the colours, and there was a lot of talk about how the runes translated! It got a lot of use during the social, and by the end already felt softer and more floppy than it had the previous day.

I also used the wrap on a weekend trip out with our children. I tried a double hammock, which I think was my favourite carry with this wrap. It was easy to tighten the chest pass, as the wrap is not too wide and feels relatively thin. The middle section was glidey enough to get two tight passes. The wrap felt very supportive in this carry with my 20-month-old daughter. I carried her for about 30 minutes and could easily have gone longer, but she demanded her lunch!

Front wrap cross carry is never my favourite carry (shh!) but I find it a good test of a wrap. It requires precise tightening at different points and can be either a one-, two-, or three- pass carry. With this wrap, the carry felt supportive without digging on my shoulders, and managed to contain my daughter (who did her best to climb out).

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