SUPU Woven Wraps is run by Jess Anderson and is currently testing its first design. Jess is originally from New Zealand but now lives in Manchester with her partner and their daughter.


SUPU is a new woven baby wrap company with an emphasis on being bold and a willingness to test the boundaries of woven design. SUPU seeks to create fun, fresh, and unique textiles.
SUPU is a team run enterprise consisting of a crazy New Zealander (myself), my ridiculously supportive partner, and my 1 year old daughter who is fast becoming SUPU’s next top model.

SUPU Woven Wraps tester

What drove you to launch? 

Put simply, my two greatest passions are motherhood and textiles. I can honestly say that by combining the two I have created my perfect role. I had never thought that I would be capable of starting my own business and it was an idea that was completely unfamiliar to me. I suppose what changed this was my daughter. I want to be able to physically demonstrate to her that anything can be achieved by proving it to myself first. I can honestly say that it has felt so natural to start SUPU because I feel such passion and belief in the baby wearing cause. The closeness, the community, and of course the textiles.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

I get inspiration from my surroundings. Places I have travelled, my homeland NZ, fashion and interior trends. I like to collect random scraps such as post cards and cut outs from magazines, or it could be something as simple as a back drop from a music video that can conjure up a potential wrap design. With the knowledge that I have gained from my time studying and working as a textile designer, I then smash my ideas together in a slightly unorganised fashion and see which way my creativity forks. I have quite an eclectic style and I think my designs will vary and show this as time goes on.

What is your impression of the UK woven wrap market?

The market is flourishing with lots of incredible start-ups and I think it could be ready to boom. I see a real shift in attitudes towards a more natural parenting culture, which in my opinion, is helping to fuel the woven wrap market. Watch out all of you pram companies, we’re coming for ya!!! All jokes aside, I am just really happy that I get to be a part of this extremely supportive community.

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