This is the first post in a series on new British woven wrap makers. The UK wrap market is experiencing a boom, with lots of new weavers and designers starting up. During September I’ll be profiling a few of these brands – first up is Liora Rae Wovens.


Liora Rae Wovens are vibrant and luxurious woven wraps, lovingly designed and crafted in the UK without compromising on style or comfort. The company was started in 2016 by Natasha Stoller, babywearing mummy to 2 girls and wife to Jonny. Natasha completed her peer supporter course with Born to Carry and also volunteers for the Barnet Sling library in London.

 What drove you to launch?

It was a combination of so many elements coming together. From basic things like talking about my love of babywearing with friends to the gentle push of an entrepreneur friend who bluntly asked me why I wasn’t already doing it! After some doodling on paper, a huge amount of research and late nights spent trying to figure out if it was a pipe dream or a possibility, my husband encouraged me to take the plunge, and I haven’t looked back since! Gradually piece by piece it all came together, and suddenly there’s a whole collection sitting in my dining room and I’m wearing the things that I made in the things that I made! There’s nothing better than that really.

 Where does your inspiration come from?

At the moment it’s my family. The Flow design was inspired by a holiday I took with my family last year. We were watching the sun setting over the sea together with Scarlett asleep in the wrap, and it was just such a perfect moment. The waves were mesmerising, the memory has really stayed with me and I tried to capture this in the first design.

What is your impression of the UK wrap market?

It’s constantly changing. It’s amazing how one month is so different to the next. There’s always the craving for new blends and exciting new fibres but many people will still stick with easycare favourites too. I definitely think the UK wrap market is broadening and new babywearers are coming on board which is so lovely to see. There is still very much a stigma attached to big kid wearing and I hope that will change, it’s certainly something I strive for. It would be lovely to see a greater acceptance of carrying your kids past toddlerhood (if they and you want to!).

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