Last September I wrote a post about my experience of carrying my twins in slings. They were 10 months old at the time, and now that they are 20 months old, I thought it was time for an update. I want to share our own experiences of twinwearing, and what I have learned in working with twin parents.

Twinwearing with Opitai woven wrap

Twinwearing with toddlers

Both of our twins are now walking, and keen to practise their new skills. My long woven wraps are neglected, as Jake and Aurora want to be up and down a lot! It is really frustrating to achieve a secure tandem carry with a long wrap only for your slingees to demand “DOWN!” a few minutes later. When I carry both at the same time, I often choose something that I can easily get one or both out of. This could be two buckled carriers, a ‘poppable’ tandem carry, or two ring slings.

Twinwearing with two Connectas

Finding what works

Most often now, I carry one toddler on my back and put one in a buggy. This means my hands are to help my four-year-old, and the single buggy is much easier to manoeuvre than the double. It is also handy to have the buggy for storage, as we amass quite a lot during a day out! When my husband is there, we often carry a toddler each and leave the buggy at home. This is great, as we can take public transport a lot more easily than with a buggy.

Twinwearing with two ring slings

Meeting families of multiples and hearing about their circumstances inspires me to consider different combinations of slings and carriers. Often parents of multiples are looking for something quick and easy that will help them to settle one or two babies – their desire to use slings is driven by practicality. It is fun looking at various options and combinations, and the only limit is our imaginations!

During a recent consult, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well two Close Caboos can work. Although a bit fiddly, it’s a supportive option for the stage in between ‘teensy newborn’ and ‘ready for back carries’. In the summer, two stretchy wraps (even one stretchy wrap) can feel very warm, especially when used with two babies. Some lightweight stretchies are available, for example Hana Baby, Lillebaby Tie the Knot, Snugiwraps, and Happy Wrap.

Twinwearing with Baie herringbone woven wrap

What we’ve been wearing

With my own children, I have been experimenting with podaegis. Most people know my love of pods, and I wondered how well they could be used for tandem carrying. Pods provide the versatility of woven wraps, but with a little more structure. They can be easier to use and less intimidating (really important for twin parents). I found two pods really comfy, and quite quick to achieve – essential during a twin witching hour! Using one pod with another carrier, whether it’s a mei tai, wrap, or buckled carrier, has also been a successful option.

Twinwearing with two pods

Ring slings can also be great for tandem-carrying, either in tummy-to-tummy position, or with one baby on each hip. I really like the JPMBB ring slings for tandemming, as they have a bit of stretch that makes them easy to manoeuvre twins in and out of. Wrap conversion ring slings are very supportive for toddlers, and I often choose them if I want to settle my two down or carry around the house.

What now?

I hope you have enjoyed reading this update to my original post. One thing is for sure: I am constantly learning more about tandem-carrying! Although my twins relish walking, I hope we still have lots of slingy cuddles ahead of us – I’ll keep you posted.

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Further adventures in twinwearing
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